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Wheels Fulcrum E-METAL 500 29 TR 6 Bolts BOOST MS

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E-METAL 5/500 29 front HH15/110 - rear HH12/148 MS An entry level Fulcrum E-MTB product, dedicated and evolved and featuring high-level technical solutions inherited from her big sisters. The most multi-purpose of articles, the E-Metal 5 embraces all the technologies developed for the E-MTB specific world in a set that can truly change the look of your E-MTB.

Wheels Fulcrum E-Metal 300 2WF-R 6 Bolts BOOST – HG

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SKU: EM3-19DFR952B
E-METAL 3/300 29 front HH15/110 - rear HH12/148 The wheel designed specifically for Trail riding. E-Metal 3 is a solid benchmark in terms of dynamic qualities in a wheel set for today’s E-MTBs.