Assos Ultraz Winter Gloves

R 3 162,50
SKU: 13.52.532.
Extreme, insulated protection for extreme weather, the Ultraz Glove is the ultimate platform for weatherproof cycling when time off the bike isn’t an option. System Outfit Winter 3/3

Assos Winter Gloves EVO

R 2 615,51
SKU: 13.52.538.
A windproof, water-repellent, and low-bulk winter glove, reworked with increased insulation and a palm construction that prevents bunching while maintaining bar feel and finger dexterity. System Outfit Winter 3/3

Assos Gloves ASSOSOIRES Winter

R 2 192,67
SKU: 13.52.531.
Insulation, protection, and full-finger coverage for cold winter riding. The sequel to our much-loved Early Winter Gloves, our new Winter

Assos Spring Fall Gloves EVO

R 1 924,99
SKU: 13.52.540.
Mid-level insulation for cool weather, updated with better durability and more responsive padding that doesn’t erase bar feel.

Assos TRAIL FF Gloves

R 1 843,91
SKU: 13.50.529
Durable full-finger gloves with articulated comfort for support on the trail. System Outfit Summer 1/3

Assos GT Gloves C2

R 1 301,89
SKU: 13.50.536.
A cooling, breathable glove for endurance cycling in hot conditions. Reduced weight proves that “comfortable” and “ultralight” aren’t mutually exclusive.

Gloves Assos Spring Fall Liner

R 1 036,04
SKU: 13.50.531
The lightest of our insulating cycling gloves, our take on the classic knit glove thrives in the cool conditions of late spring, early fall, and even high-alpine descents in summer.