Bianchi is the oldest and prestigious brand of bicycles. Our heritage started in Milan in 1885 with Edoardo Bianchi, cannot be equalled in the cycling world.

Our positioning embodies the best of what Italy can offer to the world: a commitment to build products as artisans – “a regola d’arte”, distinguishing design, style and taste, that were since beginning tested and improved in racing.

Our wide-range of products fans out gradually to meet the needs of the professional and the casual rider, one who loves nature or one who simply wants to move quickly through urban traffic. We provide the ideal bicycle for every type of cyclist.

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5H - UD CARBON/GRAPHITE FULL GLOSSY 5K - CELESTE CK16/BLACK FULL GLOSSY With Infinito XE, Bianchi extends the availability of the Infinito family. Perfect for the granfondo rider who is still deadly serious about performance and aesthetics.

Bianchi Frame Chain Shield

R 50,19
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SKU: C8655331

Bottle Bianchi Square 600ml BK

R 120,00
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SKU: C9010134

Hanger Bianchi Grizzly & Nitron TA

R 150,00
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SKU: C1355083

Hanger Bianchi T-Tronik Rebel

R 193,61
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SKU: C1355160
Suitable for:T-Tronik Rebel


R 200,75
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SKU: C7305082
Bianch Clamp METHANOL SX :suitable for METHANOL SXinner diameter: 38,35 mmmaterial: Aluminum weight: 20 g

Hanger Bianchi Aria E-ROAD

R 258,75
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SKU: C1355105
The Rear Dropout Hanger is a connecting element between the bicycle frame and the derailleur. This spare part is suitable for the following Bianchi bicycle model: E-Aria

Hanger Bianchi Infinito Disc 2019 Standard

R 284,63
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SKU: C1355017

Hanger Bianchi Infinito/Intenso disc

R 284,63
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SKU: C1356047
Suitable for: Infinito CV,Intenso Disc Thru Axle 2016


R 301,86
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SKU: 05869861

Hanger Bianchi dx+sx Alu Aquila CV

R 345,00
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SKU: C1355412
Suitable for: Aquila CV

Hanger Bianchi Zolder Pro 2019

R 345,00
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SKU: C1355107