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SS.capeepicXCJersey_evo7 White Black/Green Black/Red

ASSOS partnered with Cape Epic - the un-tamed, original ultimate MTB stage race - as their technical apparel partner of choice. Along with race support the partnership also entails providing the leader jerseys for all the different categories.

The SS.capeepicXCJersey_evo7 Cape Epic edition jerseys are inspired, both technically and graphically, by the original racing jersey. This jersey is ideally suited for the crosscountry type of MTB riding.

SS.rallytrekkingJersey_evo7 Black Black/Green Black/Red

SS.rallytrekkingJersey_evo7 is eengineered with the same spirit as the T.Rally, we believe this represents the pinnacle of MTB-specific high performance trekking jerseys - light, anatomically pre-shaped and protective.

It is the first ASSOS product to be sold only in combination with an ASSOS skinFoil_s7 baselayer. Why? Because the rider needs it, and this combination ensures maximum performance.

White Panther

iJ.tiburu.4 is the newly created ASSOS longsleeve insulator jacket, the spiritual successor to the elementOne.

iJ.tibuRu.4 is your second layer outer shell garment, engineered to function perfectly within your ALS (Assos Layering System). Use it in cooler riding conditions when you want a heavy longsleeve jersey. The tibuRu operates best when used in combination with the next-to-skin ASSOS interactive body insulator underneath.

Outfit Spring.1 and Fall.4

iJ.haBu5 White Back Black
White Side
iJ.haBu5 is the first ASSOS Campionissimo insulator jacket. Developed for climaRange5 - earlyWinter conditions, it replaces the ASSOS Series elementOne RX jacket.
iJ.bonKa.6 CENTO Black Black Side

iJ.bonKa.6 is the next generation of the ultimate ASSOS high performance winter jacket.

The word "new" at ASSOS is never just an esthetic makeup. New to ASSOS always means new technology, new know-how, new improvements. iJ.bonKa.6 replaces the legendary airJack (latest version, over eight years in production). Compared to its predecessor, it features less volume, lighter weight, increased protection and more functionality.iJ.bonKa.6 is the brand new, ultimate ASSOS high performance WINTER climaRange.6 insulator jacket.

nS.superLeggera White Back Black

It's the new generation of, and the long awaited successor to the ASSOS superlight sleeveless jersey. Finally! Available in two specific pattern designs: Unisex & Lady.

ALS Tips
Not just for those few days of extremely warm summer riding conditions. Instead, when used in combination with additional layers, it can function as a superLeggera gilet, an outfit range extender for your ASSOS wardrobe. On a warm spring or cold summer day, use your superLeggera in combination with a longsleeve ASSOS interactive body insulator underneath. Very nice, indeed!

nS.superLeggera Lady White Back Black

ASSOS rarely releases a new product with just new graphics. While we love and admire great new looks, we don't really care unless there is technological substance within. The new superLeggera performs the way it does not because it incorporates one specific new fabric, but thanks to its construction as a whole.

SS.Uno_s7 White Back Black

It's our new standard performance cycling jersey, the successor to and evolution of the legendary SS.Uno jersey. Always in combination with the ASSOS interactive body insulator.3 as the first layer, directly on your skin.

Extend its climaRange by combining it with ASSOS arm warmers and a heavier ASSOS interactive body insulator underneath.

ASSOS rarely releases a new product with just new graphics. While we love and admire great new looks, we don't really care unless there is technological substance within.

SS Lady White Back Black

Specially engineered to offer our legendary ASSOS comfort to more women, SS.Lady is tailored to perfectly fit the female body when in the riding position. This shortSleeve jersey features ASSOS Plasma fabric, making it lighter and better contouring.

ALS Tips
To be incorporated in the SUMMER outfit. ASSOS suggests using it with the "summerInteractive" body insulator underneath and the T FI.13 Lady_S5 shorts.

Every single aspect of product creation was engineered with one clear objective: provide total comfort when in the saddle.

Crono Uno Black
Crono Uno White

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