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T.rallyShorts_S7 H.laalalaiShorts_s7

Introducing our first Mtb-specific high performance shorts could be nothing less than extraordinary. We believe we have succeeded, creating Mtb shorts the likes of which did not exist before the ASSOS Off-Roadrally line.

Many little innovations specifically designed for Mtb and Offroad applications are at the heart of these shorts.

The new lady specific halfshort
for the performance-oriented
woman. The cycling short for the performance-oriented women.

Tights - LL.607_S5
The S5 generation ASSOS full length bibtight for earlyWinter and cold riding conditions.
LL.607 teams perfectly
with the new iJ.haBu5.
Available with FI.Mille_S5 insert.
FI.13 Lady FI.13 Lady_S5  Black
FI.13 Lady_S5 White
Tights - hL.607 Lady_S5


hL.607 Lady is part
of the ASSOS_S5
Generation of ASSOS
tights for
cooler conditions


Our new entry-level shorts are attractively priced and feature a regular, all-around fit.

T.équipe is our racingfit proposition. They are perfectly tailored to fit a racing type cycling body. A little more compression, a little snugger fit and a more anatomically shaped insert.

These are the preferred shorts of équipe exploit, the ASSOS Werksmannschaft.


Mille has been eliminated.
There is no successor.

Instead, t.cento represents a new breed. They're our high performance, ultra-longdistance shorts, tailored for the cycling body type.

The name says it all.
These are our push-itpast-
the-limit concept shorts,
which you can own.

They are unique in that they do not use traditional spandex fabrics. We believe this is the first time this type of fabric has been used for cycling shorts. It uses a completely different technology than what the industry has been using.  It is made of different fibres and is produced on different machines.

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